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Midlands Wedding Venue Photography

When it comes to finding a unique location on your wedding day I'm always on the lookout! This amazing room was at overlooking the 18th hole and was, in fact, the sauna room and chill out area for the golfers to relax after a tough game on the course.

For this photograph, I had to move the loungers back a little so they didn't get in the shot (don't worry though I put them back when I was done) as not to upset the members.

It was an overcast day and the natural light was fading fast, but that doesn't matter to me as I always bring along my highly specialised Profoto lighting equipment. Because I wanted to expose for the ambient light outside the newlyweds would have gone to a silhouette so I needed to hit them with a flash of light.

In doing so I was able to bring out the amazing detail in the bride's dress and the room. I placed them both in the window that would give a pleasing look to the photograph and took the shot!

After a couple of different poses were taken we were done and they got back to their guests. From the time walking to this room and taking this incredible photograph only five minutes had passed.

By scouting out locations during the wedding breakfastI'm able to prepare myself meaning you get incredible photographs with the minimum of fuss on your wedding day!

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