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Leicestershire Professional Wedding Photography

A lot of wedding photographers these days call themselves 'ambient light wedding photographers' or 'natural light-only' photographers which is all good and well (it seems to be the fashionable thing to say right now) but what happens if there isn't any ambient light? Does that mean that the second it goes dark they stop taking photos? Imagine you're getting married in December when the sun sets at 4pm, and your photographer suddenly stops taking photos half way through the day!

I look at things in a different way. Where possible, I like to use natural, ambient light. However, where it's not possible, I bring my own light. In reality this means that no matter what the weather is doing on your wedding day (and we know that the British weather loves to surprise us) you can have perfectly lit wedding photos.

The image above is one such example, taken at Grafton Manor in Worcestershire, slightly later in the year when it gets dark a lot earlier than it does in say June or July. Don't hide from the darkness - embrace it! you can take a totally different looking set of wedding photos once it's dark. For this image, I used the architecture of the venue itself which is something I really enjoy doing. Grafton Manor has a rather grand main entrance, with a heavy oak door and a large stone archway leading in. The actual way that this photo is produced is relatively simple - stand the couple in the door way and place a light behind them shooting directly upwards. The light then bounces around inside the arch way at the speed of light, filling every possible space and casting a gorgeous soft light onto the bride and groom. The other key aspect of this form of lighting, being behind the bride and groom, is that there's light around the outline of the couple which is known as a 'rim-light.' This serves to separate the bride and groom from the dark background, making them stand out further in the image and literally lifting them from the darkness.

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