It's not a question that normally comes up when planning your wedding, and why it should. After all, you expect to be dealing with professional wedding photographers, don’t you?

The worrying truth though is that many people advertise as being a professional photographer but fail to have the correct professional insurance in place. Don’t take a chance on your wedding day, insist on seeing the insurance certificate at your first wedding consultation to help you decide how professional they really are. If they can’t show you the certificate when asked then alarm bells should be sounding as to how professional they really are. 

I have photographed over a hundred weddings in the past few years and sadly only a handful of wedding venues have asked me to produce my Professional Public & Products Liability Insurance. Why they take such a risk of having photographers turn up at their beautiful venues without having this cover in place is beyond me. After all, accidents can happen so it’s nice to know that if anyone gets hurt or property is damaged they will the receive the prompt care and attention that would be required with the minimum of fuss.

I'm pleased to say that I have never had to use my insurance. However knowing that my clients, families and friends along with the venue are all covered is incredibly important to me.

You can view and download my insurance certificate by click here should your wedding venue insist on seeing it before you book your photographer for your special day.