Indian Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

Indian Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Taran and Tom didn't quite have three wedding days, but they did spend three days celebrating! For the first day of the two-day family gathering, in the Mehndi ceremony, Taran and the female members of her immediate family decorated themselves with Henna in time-honoured tradition. On the second day, the couple enjoyed a feast with their family and friends, before their wedding day proper on the third day.

I was there for the Mehndi and day two, the big family gathering and the meal. Taran and Tom had said that they wanted a couple of informal 'couples photos' of the two of them, in a short time spent away from their loved ones. Hogarth's Solihul was the venue for the day, and luckily the hotel is surrounded by wonderfully maintained grounds. In the short space of time that I had, I took the couple onto the lawns for some more intimate photos of them. One of my favourites from the shoot however was this one. I often find that the most natural way of taking photos of the bride and groom is to simply get them to walk hand in hand towards the camera, allowing them to interact with each other as they would do as if I wasn't there at all. I used a long telephoto lens and set my camera to it's fastest shooting mode in order that I don't miss any of their expressions which can change in an instant. From the series of images that I took here, the one I prefer the most shows the couple looking in the same direction whilst walking hand in hand with each other. Taran, holding her dress up slightly so she can walk easier is also showing off her gorgeous dress at the same time.

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