Flower Girls Wedding Photography Derbyshire
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Flower Girls Wedding Photography Derbyshire

Flower Girls Wedding Photography Derbyshire

This is another one of my favourite images from Vicky and David's wedding reception, at Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

This wedding photo was taken during the speeches, where I was taking some time to concentrate on the reactions of the wedding guests. It's very easy to focus all of your attention (and your camera for that matter) on the people delivering their speech - but I'll be honest with you; photos of people speaking are boring! If you take one photo of someone speaking, any others that you take tend to end up all looking remarkably similar. Instead, I take a few photos of the person speaking, and then turn my attention to the wedding guests. It's far more valuable (in terms of story-telling) to show the reactions to the speech, rather than the speaker themselves. From the reaction of the guests you can tell exactly how the speech was. If the guests are laughing there's a good chance that the speech is funny. If they're crying, the speech is likely emotional, and if their faces are long and drawn out, there's a good chance that the speech is boring!

Judging by the photo you see above, you can tell that the speaker is doing a good job of entertaining the wedding guests. Most of them are laughing in the photo, apart from the youngest flower girls - perhaps they just didn't get the joke?

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