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Derbyshire Wedding Venues

In the planning stages of any wedding a lot of thought is given to the wedding venue itself and especially where you're going to have the reception, but less thought is usually given to where the bride is going to get ready in the morning, and that might be a mistake.

The photos of the bridal party getting ready in the morning is actually one of my favourite times of a wedding day. A lot of brides ask me 'how do you photograph people having their hair and makeup done for five whole hours?' and the truth is that you don't - This time of the morning is an ideal time to capture gorgeous candids of the bride simply having a good time with her closest girlfriends. Sitting around chatting with a glass of bubbly in hand, and generally enjoying themselves.

It's for this reason that it really is worth putting a lot of thought into where you're going to get ready in the morning of your wedding day. A lot of brides choose to get ready at home where you're familiar with your surroundings, but a lot of wedding venues these days have custom tailored rooms or suites that are designed with getting a bride ready in mind. These bespoke 'bridal preparation' rooms have everything you're likely to need on the morning of your wedding. Lots of space, lots of mirrors and lots of electricity points for anything your hairdresser or makeup artist may wish to plug in. There's usually also special hangers high on the walls that you can hang a wedding dress from and allow it to air in it's full length. So whilst it may be a little more expensive and perhaps a tiny bit more stressful to get ready at your wedding venue, when it comes to the photography aspect of this, it might well be your best option. Plus, if you make a terrible mess you don't have to tidy up the next day!

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