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I do love photographing the details of a wedding! When the brides start to think about how their wedding day will look the list just grows and grows. One of the top items on the list has got to be her wedding gown, and with that, her shoes! This gorgeous photo of a pair of equally amazing shoes from Jane & Johns wedding at Newton Park near Burton-Upon-Trent is a favourite of mine, not that I wear ladies shoes...

You can see the thought that went into picking these weddings shoes. I just love how the style matches her engagement ring that I placed on top of them for this detail wedding photograph.

When planning the wedding day timeline I always suggest to the brides I arrive 30 minutes before hair and makeup. That way I can introduce myself to the bridal party and set to work capturing your details in unique ways to the bride before the action begins, allowing me the opportunity to capture those special moments between the bride and her bridesmaids.

When I took this photograph I wanted the shoes to be the focus of attention along with that amazing engagement ring, so with that in mind I picked them up and ran out of the door!

So why did I run out of the door? Silly really, but when I was walking to the bridal suite I noticed how gorgeous the red carpet was. Once I saw the shoes I just knew in my mind how incredible they would look against the contrasting effect of the red carpet on the stairs.

Being a great wedding photographer is not just about being able to take technically brilliant photos, it is about capturing the moments that matter and having an imagination that allows you to create something out of nothing!

Location: Newton Road, Newton Solney, Burton-on-Trent, DE15 0SS.

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