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Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - 030

'A picture is worth a thousand words' is a saying that, win one form or another, I'm sure you have heard many times before. This saying is bang on when it comes to wedding photojournalism. Documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism literally means to be able to tell a story using photos alone. It's no easy feat, and many people try and fail. You really have to consider how you shoot at a wedding, it's certainly not a case of just turning up, pointing your camera at things and hoping for the best. A photo should make you ask questions. Who, what, where, why, when and how. Who is the person in this photo? What are they thinking? Why are they doing that? and so on and so fourth.

The photo above shows the groom, seconds before the bride is about to make her entrance into the ceremony room. What is he thinking here? Is he nervous? Why is he choosing to have his back to his guests? Is he emotional and trying to hide it? This is the sort of question or questions that really good photography should make the viewer ask. I think the black and white conversion works well for this kind of image, making it more impactful than it would otherwise be in colour.

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