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Derbyshire Wedding Photographer - 020

This is one photo that I do absolutely love and it was, in reality, such a simple one to take.

The venue for this wedding was a pretty little country bed and breakfast on the banks of a small river, with a road bridge just a stone's throw away. It was slightly later in the day when it came time to take the photos of the bride and groom, and it was beginning to get rather chilly too with autumn being in full swing. The bride and groom though were absolute stars however and were more than happy to stand outside in the freezing temperatures to have their photos taken. Their attitudes were amazing - 'we're only going to do this once so lets do this right!'

After taking several photos in and around the grounds, I noticed that there was an angle for a photo that would really show off the warm autumnal colours, the only things is that I had to stand the bride and groom on the busy road bridge. There was a wide-enough footpath however so they couple weren't in any danger, and once I explained to them what I was after they were more than happy to oblige.

I stood the newlyweds in exactly the place I needed them, before walking back down off the bridge so I could shoot up at them with a long telephoto lens. There were several reasons for this lens choice - first of all with a more intimate photo, you don't want to appear right in someone's face which can be the feeling you get from standing close with a wide angle lens. Instead you want to stand back, as if viewing the scene from afar. Secondly the long lens gives the impression that the background is compressed, allowing you to actually fit more of it into a smaller space. Finally the telephoto lens also works wonderfully to blur the background, meaning you can frame the couple against a blur of warm colour instead of jagged tree branches.

I asked the bride and groom to stand and act naturally as if I wasn't there at all. I took a handful of photos from a respectful distance and the rest as they say is history!

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