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Derbyshire Brides Shoes Wedding Photography

There are so many things you want to remember about your wedding day, and rightly so: So much time and effort (and blood, sweat and tears) goes into every single aspect about your big day, and your wedding photography is usually the only ever-lasting record of a lot of that.

It's very easy for a photographer to overlook some of the smaller details however, but their small size doesn't mean that they're of any less value. When it comes to wedding shoes for example, if anything the opposite is true. A lot of my past brides that I've spoken to will tell you that quite often, picking the perfect pair of wedding shoes is a more difficult task than picking a wedding dress! A good pair of wedding shoes needs to be comfortable, practical as well as looking amazing.

A wedding shoe isn't just any other shoe. So many wedding shoes these days have tiny little details buried deep within the design, which is why photos like the one you see above are actually so important. It's easy for a wedding photographer to take a pair of shoes, place them in front of the wedding dress or something pretty and snap away. Capturing those little nuanced details though is really what it's all about.

Some brides are rather adventurous on their wedding days when it comes to having their wedding photos taken, and will willingly walk places in search for that perfect photo when at other times they might steer well clear of - Trudging through a muddy field for that once-in-a-lifetime sunset wedding photo for example, is something you'd never do at any other time than at your wedding. Because of this, a lot of wedding shoes sadly don't survive the wedding day, so the photos truly are all you might have left. It's a small detail in a big day, but photos of the wedding shoes are more important than you might otherwise think!

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