Derby Wedding Photographer Groom Prep
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Derby Wedding Photographer Groom Prep

With only a few more minutes before the groom makes his way to the wedding ceremony its time to run over his speech one more time. I love capturing these candid moments. Miles was in the zone a totally relaxed not even thinking about me being in the room with whilst he was getting ready.

I decided to edit this photograph in Black & White as it really helped to ramp up the mood of this occasion. It was a beautiful day outside but with the window net being drawn harsh light on illuminating Miles. With that in mind, I drew the net curtain so that I could defuse the light a little making it appear softer on his skin and suit. This type of soft light is very flattering and makes this such a wonderful photograph.

Although the room looks busy with bags on the floor and wardrobe doors open etc it's vital as a documentary wedding photographer not to change the look of the room as its real memories that my clients choose to remember rather than a list of posed photographs from their BIG day!

A few minutes later we left the room and made our way to the wedding ceremony room so that he could wait for the arrival of his gorgeous bride.

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