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Church Wedding Leicestershire Photographers

Church Wedding Leicestershire Photographers

This small church in a tiny village on the fringes of Worcestershire is a far cry from some of the large wedding venues that I have the pleasure of working at, but Kempsey church always holds a special place in my heart. When I started photographing weddings almost a decade ago, on of the first weddings I second-shot at was here. The day was very similar to the first wedding I did, and I was even working with the same photographer - I can tell you that I certainly had a big sense of déja vu! The primary wedding photographer was at the front of the church, shooting back towards the faces of the bride and groom, capturing their reactions during the ceremony. This position, at the very front of the church (usually in the choir's pews) is a great location for a wedding photographer, but it's also very limiting. Once in position, you are usually forbidden by the vicar from moving at all (as doing so would create a huge distraction for the guests and that's really not what they're there to see!) - even if I were allowed to move, I probably wouldn't as I want the guests' eyes to be on the happy couple and not at me!

The main downside about being 'stuck' at the front of the church is that, well, you're stuck there. There's no way for example to be able to run back and get a photo like this one, showing the bride and groom's first kiss, whilst framing them under the large stained glass window that's so well known locally. On the face of it, standing at the back of the church seems far from ideal, but in some cases it really can be perfect.

One thing that I particularly like from this image is how the best man and father of the bride are both standing and looking into the scene from the sides of the image, helping to frame the couple in the photo between themselves and the glass above.

Location: Kempsey Church, Kempsey, Worcestershire.

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