Church Wedding Ceremony Photography Derbyshire
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Church Wedding Ceremony Photography Derbyshire

Church Wedding Ceremony Photography Derbyshire

Before Ali and Izzy's church wedding was due to start, I spent some time chatting with the vicar who would be conducting their wedding. This is something that I always do when working in a church for the first time, or working with a new vicar or reverend. I have been photographing weddings now for many years and know most of the Derbyshire registrars and a lot of the local clergy too. My working relationship with them is good, which is a wonderful thing as the name of wedding photographers has been thrown a little into disrepute lately thanks to how cheap modern digital cameras have become - everyone thinks they can make a quick buck and for a time the industry was littered with amateurs who turned up in shorts and t-shirts and ruined it for everyone else.

When I spoke with the vicar for Izzy and Ali's wedding, I introduced myself and told him of the things I hoped to achieve during the service. The vicar in turn, was happy for me to stand at the front of the church for the service as long as I didn't move and didn't use flash (as is now standard practice with churches in the UK)

Spending 5 minutes to build this working relationship with the vicar meant that I was able to take the exact photos of Ali and Izzy's wedding that I had hoped to get. The image above of the bride laughing with the groom is absolutely priceless, and I would not have been able to take the same image had I been standing at the back of the church.

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