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Brides Wedding Car - Wedding Photography Leicestershire

Bride Wedding Car Wedding Photograph Leicestershire

Chantelle chose to arrive at her wedding in Derbyshire in style - in a Jaguar F-Type convertible. The bridesmaids and flowergirls were driven to the church separately as there are only two seats in the Jag'. This meant that there was a mini-reunion when everyone got to the church, and it made for some amazing wedding photographs.

As with most of my wedding photography, I chose to shoot this in the most natural way that I could. I chose to shoot with my 50-140mm telephoto lens on the camera body that enables me to shoot at over 12-photos-per-second, meaning I never miss a moment. The light was gorgeous for Chantelle and Karl's wedding, and the low sun gives a real warmth to the photo.

One of my favourite things about this photo is how all of the young bridesmaids and flower-girls have instinctively come forwards to carry the bride's wedding dress from the moment she stepped out of the wedding car. Take it from me that most bridesmaids don't 'bridesmaid' when it comes to a wedding, and it's usually me carrying the bride's dress around! Part photographer and part bridesmaid isn't a bad summary of how most of my wedding days go.

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