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Brides Shoes Nottingham

Oh, the wedding shoes! The bride takes so much time in choosing her shoes that they must be captured beautifully on her wedding day. These beautiful shoes were stunning and just had to be photographed in the warm light that was coming into the room where the bride was getting ready.

I placed them on a cushion and had her wedding dress in the background to bring the two items together in one photograph. I love the shadows across the shoes and the way it helps to add dimension to the photograph. By shooting with a shallow depth of field of f1.4 (sorry for the photographer speak) it allows me to draw your eye into the photograph.

These details can so easily be forgotten if you are not organised as a wedding photographer or don't have the experience of having shot a great number of weddings. For me getting these photographs is programmed in my head. I go to every wedding with these types of photographs embedded in a shot list in my head.

I use my creativity as an experienced wedding photographer to ensure you have individual photographs that are as individual as you!

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