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Bride Makeup Wedding Photographers Derby

Bride Makeup Wedding Photographers Derby

Taran, pictured here, was to be married to Tom in a week's time in a civil ceremony. Taran and Tom were having a family gathering now to get some of the formalities out of the way, including some of the photos that they'd otherwise have taken on their wedding day proper.

I started the morning with Taran getting ready, where she was being worked on by a professional makeup artist as well as a hairdresser.

My preferred method of taking photos like this is with a long telephoto lens, allowing me to stay slightly further back and therefore not risking changing the nature of what's going on with my presence. The use of a long lens also means that the subject of the photo is made to stand out and away from the background than would be possible with lenses of a shorter focal length.

This image was also taken using my medium format Fuji GFX-50 for unrivalled image quality. I am currently the only wedding photographer in the county using Medium format and one of only a handful in the country. You really cannot get better quality photos from your wedding day - the 51 megapixel images are massive in terms of file size and can be enlarged almost endlessly.

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