Bride in Car Derbyshire Wedding Photographer
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Bride in Car Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

This summer I was asked by my old friend and mentor to second shoot for him at David and Victoria's wedding. Whilst the majority of my weddings happen within Derbyshire, this was taking place a few miles south in Worcestershire for the church service, with the wedding reception being held in Gloucestershire, at a stunning venue called Manor by the Lake. For the wedding itself, I had gotten to the church quite early as my job that morning was shadowing the groom and his best man and ushers. Because of this, I was able to have a look around the church and see the various locations that I wanted to photograph at. There was a long path that led to the church, with a single car-parking space reserved which I naturally assumed was for the wedding car.

Sure enough, after not too-long waiting, Victoria arrived in the wedding car and she looked absolutely stunning. Some of her wedding guests were still making their way inside the church so the driver asked Victoria to wait in the car. It was quite a warm day so the driver left the door to the car open, allowing fresh air to circulate through. I approached and could see Victoria looking out of the wedding car, overjoyed at the thought she was about to marry the love of her life. She was quite literally glowing, not only because of the bright midday sun that was reflecting off her wedding gown, but she just had this bright feeling about her, with a grin that was ear to ear. I was shooting with my medium format camera and my favourite lens, the Fujinon 110mm portrait lens. This combination gave me exactly the look I was wanting and the resulting photo is one of my favourites.

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