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Bridal Makeup Photography Leicestershire

One of the key parts of any bride's wedding day has got to be the time they spend getting ready in the morning. This time before the wedding, often referred to as 'bridal-prep' is one of my favourite times of the day to take photos.

Don't get me wrong though, there's a lot more to bridal-preparation photography than just taking the same shots of different people having the same aspect of their makeup done. The mornings are a real mix of emotion, ranging from nerves and anxiety right through the spectrum to tears of laughter!

The way I set about taking photos of the bridal prep part of the day is simple - with a long lens and keeping a fair distance. Being a documentary wedding photographer means that I like to allow things to play out as they naturally would, even if I wasn't there in the first place. My usual lens of choice for this type of shot is my beloved 110mm medium format lens. It's a long enough focal length that I can stay well in the background whilst still capturing all the beautiful moments of your morning.

One key photo I always like to try and take is the bride having her lipstick applied. This is usually a very graceful and elegant looking wedding photo, especially when the application of lipstick is done by the makeup artist. It's also one of the finishing touches of bridal makeup and aside from getting the dress on, the bride is pretty much ready to walk down the aisle!

Leicestershire weddings photographed by Aaron Russell Photography

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